Gabby Tary Comedian Actor


Miller Light Lead, Gateway Lead, Fox Sports News

Acting- Clay Banks Studio International
Comedy- The American Comedy Institute/New York Stephen Rosenfield
Commercial- Hey I Saw You In Your Commercial Mike Pointer Los Angeles
Drama- Budapest Repertory Theater/Hungary / Herbert Berghof Studio/New York
Improv- Groundling

Flappers/Burbank Stand-up Comic Regular
Westsidecomedy Theater/Santa Monica Stand Up Comic Regular
Comedy Cellar/New York Stand Up Comic Regular - 1year
New York Comedy Club/New York Stand Up Comic Regular - 1year
Surf Reality/New York Stand Up Comic Regular - 1year
"Arsenio Hall Show" Principal Arsinio Hall Productions 93'
"Collective Stories" Principal PBS
"Eletbevago"(Moonshadow) Co-Star Hungarian T.V.
American Life Principal Madonna
"Aimy in the Cage" Principal Ankaboot Production
"Patient Diversity" Principal Armstrong Moving Pictures
"Harvest" Lead U.S.C.
"A.K.A. Birds Eye" Principal AKA Birdseye Production
"Dog Catcher" Principal Walt Disney Production
"Good Guy/Bad Guy" Lead L.A.F.S.
"Lost In Yonkers" Grandma Herbert Berghof Theater
"Plaza Suit" Karen Nash Herbert Berghof Theater
"The Killing Of Sister George" June Buckridge
(Sister George)
Herbert Berghof Theater
"A Lie of the Mind" Lorraine Herbert Berghof Theater/New York
"Three Tall Women" B Herbert Berghof Theater/New York
Budapest Repertory Theater Member of the Company
/Leading Roles
Budapest Repertory Theater /Budapest, Hungary
A Comics Life Guest Host Sandy Stotzer Co-Host Billy Batz
Peon Podcast Featured Guest Host Jay Bidwell
Action - gameography Racing / Driving - gameography Shooter - gameography

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